Dr Boyce Watkins on Gina McCauley


I saw a recent blog post about me on WhataboutOurDaughters.com, a blog that focuses on issues that relate to Black women.  Someone forwarded me some things that the blogger (I think her name is Gina) said about me on the blog, and wanted to know my reaction.  I’ve always liked Gina’s Blog due to the fact that she stands up for Black women.  As a man with a daughter and 4 God daughters, I am sickened by the fact that we live in a society that shows such consistent disrespect for Black women.  I consider sexism and racism to be diseases, and I myself have shown signs of infection.  When I confront my own sexism, I am then challenged to see the parts of myself that need to be corrected. 

Gina doesn’t seem to like me very much, but I wasn’t surprised.  I am not sure if she likes anyone, as most of her blog entries tend to be a little bit negative.  But then again, sexism and racism can cause people to be damaged and angry on the inside – I’d love to hear some of her personal stories or know what her relationships with men have been like, I’m sure it would be intriguing.  Even I have had to confront the internal damage and anger racism has created within me.  It’s an on-going journey.  I asked a friend about Gina, another blogger who seems to know her pretty well, and she says that she was the only one standing outside a Dallas comedy club protesting DL Hughley’s pathetic statements about Black women, and I respect her for that.  In fact, I wish I’d known, since I would have gone out there with her. I just hope that Gina realizes that you can fight for others without feeling the need to carry a chip on your shoulder.  Love can be more powerful than anger when it comes to achieving equality – I say this while realizing that I myself get angry on a regular basis. 

The bottom line is that I forgive Gina for what she’s saying about me.  I respect her right to say it.  I also appreciate anyone who stands up for Black women, because we don’t make it easy for them.  While I would not be surprised if Gina has something harsh to say in response to my entry (everyone’s gotta save face I guess), it is my hope that she can always remember the difference between her friends and her enemies in the battle for fairness in America.  But then again, I have inadvertently stepped on some toes myself.

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