You people kill me. When I say people I mean the so called new media; the bloggers and websites who have taken it upon themselves to be the so called journalists of this generation. I say so called because many of you are not journalists at all. In fact there is no journalistic integrity in 95% of the bullshit yall report. All you do is take rumors, gossip and down right lies and report them as fact. Think of all the blog rumors you have ever read. Do any of these blogs ever get proven as fact? I’m sure a few do, but when I say a few it’s only about 5% because as I stated earlier 95% of what’s reported is bullshit. There is no investigative journalism that goes into your stories.  If I call a blogger right now and say, "Yo, I heard such and such got beat up last night," they will say, "Word?" "Let me make a few calls." Within minutes on their blog you see there is a rumor on there that says "Such and Such got beat up last night." What investigative journalism did you do to insure that "such and such" really did get beat up last night? You didn’t do any research because you don’t care about journalism. You care about getting your story up before or   You are more concerned with generating traffic to your blog or website than you are about reporting a factual story. That’s the problem with the game today; if video killed the radio star then the Internet killed the journalist.

You know what our culture needs more of? We need more real journalists to write blogs.  We need more real activist and intellectual thinkers like Boyce Watkins and Michael Eric Dyson to do video blogs and talk about the issues that effect our people on a daily basis. Think of all the hits that sites like and get. There comes a point when you have to ask yourself why there is not more positive content on these sites? Why aren’t real issues being addressed? How come everyone cares about Chris Brown whipping Rihanna’s ass? Is it right for a man to hit a woman? Hell no? Does it happen on a daily basis, hell yeah! I’ve put my foot up a female’s ass a couple times (when I was younger and believe me I got bad karma for it) but what is the issue? Or you blog sites and websites reporting it because your trying to make people realize that domestic violence is and issue that needs to be addressed or is your site just reporting it because it’s Chris Brown and Rihanna?


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  1. WOW! This entry was A LOT! It’s very true that bloggers do go a bit crazy when it comes to Celebrity gossip. However some of these bloggers are aspiring journalists and don’t always report on the grity stuff. They report on issues that people want to know about. It’s not the bloggers fault the Chris Brown hit Rihanna neither is it their fault that people want to read it. They are however responsible for the rumours they spread. If it’s not true DON’T WRITE IT! Real journalists have it bad already without having to back themeselves about what some blogger mentioned.

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